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A Look Into Africa

Introduction | The Activity | Evaluation

Student Worksheet for the Activity

Copyright;1999 Brian McKenna


The Internet is rich with resources on the continent of Africa. One can learn about the area’s great traditions and cultures. Unfortunately, the continent also faces challenges to feed its people and to promote equality. This Webquest allows you, the student, to discover Africa’s rich history and current tasks to improve its situation.


Your instructor will have you begin by dividing the class into appropriate groups for the number of computers you have in the classroom. While the instructor introduces the topic, please go to the African Odyssey Interactive Web Site to have African music playing in the background. To make the project easier, please print out the Student Worksheet for the Activity.

The tasks cover these areas of African society:
A. Women in Developing Countries
B. Cultural Traditions & Art
C. Country Profiles
D. The Crisis (Food, Water, AIDS)
E. South Africa - Apartheid & Integration
F. Civil Strife
G. President Clinton’s 1998 visit to Africa


Rubric for Assessment on the Activities

You will have 3 class days to work on the project. Each day you will be assessed for how effectively you work. If you are on task for the entire class, then you will earn 5 points. If your are off task (misbehaving, goofing off, doing other work, not doing any work), then your actions will cause a deduction in points.

___/5 pts Day 1

___/5 pts Day 2

___/5 pts Day 3

Explanation of on task behavior rubric

4 ˝ - 5 pts Continually on task with no behavior problems.

4 - 4 ˝ pts Mainly on task with no behavior problems.

3 ˝ - 4 pts Partially on task with a reminder about behavior.

3 - 3 ˝ pts Sometimes on task with more than one reminder about behavior.

0 - 3 pts Seldom or never on task and is a behavior problem.

Final Product - Once you correctly complete this project, turn it in to your instructor. The completed worksheets can be worth up to 15 points.

Explanation of Final Product Rubric

13 ˝ - 15 pts. Strong work that has all questions answered in an educated manner. Only one or two mistakes.

12 - 13 ˝ pts. Strong work that has only one or two missing answers and very few incorrect answers.

10 ˝ - 12 pts. Average work that has a few missed answers & a few incorrect answers.

9 - 10 ˝ pts. Most of the project completed, but it has errors and missed answers.

9 pts. & below Unacceptable work.

Total On-Task Behavior ______/15

Final Product ______/15

Total Score ______/30