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Vietnam War & Kent State Questions

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The first set of questions can be answered from the textbook World History: The Human Experience (pages 910-912). However, most history textbooks should cover the majority of the information as well. You can also go to Discovery School on the Internet for assistance. They link to World Book Encyclopedia Online. This link will take you directly to the Vietnam War article.
1) Which country ruled Indochina prior to WWII?
2) What did the Indochinese Communist party do in 1945?
3) What would this party later be known as? (DRV)
4) Who was their leader?
5) What did the United States do regarding Vietnam from 1946-54?
6) What happened at Dien Bien Phu in 1954?
7) Why was the 17th Parallel significant?
8) Who was Ngo Dinh Diem? What do you believe the initials RVN stand for?
9) Who were the Viet Cong?
10) What did the United States do regarding South Vietnam from 1956 - 63?
11) What happened to Diem in 1963? What were the reactions of the U.S. & France regarding this incident?
12) What theory promoted the U.S. involvement in South Vietnam?
13) How would one explain that theory?
14) Explain the significance of the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964.
15) By 1968, how many troops did each side have? (United States & South Vietnam v. Viet Cong & North Vietnamese)
16) Answer these items regarding the Tet Offensive: when, what happened, significance in the War and at home.
17) What happened in 1973?
18) When did the War end and which side was victorious?
19) How many overall and U.S. casualties were there?
20) By reading a map, which countries are directly west of Vietnam? Which country is directly north of Vietnam?

Your library or the Internet can be a great assistance in searching for the definitions or answers to these Vietnam related items.
32) ARVN
33) NLF
34) What did Buddhist monks do in May 1963 in South Vietnam? Why?
35) Ho Chi Minh Trail
36) PAVN
37) Hanoi
38) Saigon
39) Robert McNamara
40) William Westmoreland
41) Richard Nixon
42) Henry Kissinger
43) DMZ
44) My Lai
45) Vietnamization
46) Operation Menu (Cambodia) & what happened in April 1970 with this?
47) What happened at Jackson State College and Kent State as a result of this action?
48) Khmer Rouge
49) Easter Offensive
50) Paris Peace Talks & Treaty of Paris
51) Christmas Bombing
52) Selective Service
53) Conscription
54) Gooks
55) Fragging
56) 'Teach-ins'
57) SDS
58) SNCC
59) 10/15/69 - The Moratorium
60) March Against Death
61) Pentagon Papers (1971)
62) Agent Orange