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Assessing your Mission Statement & Strategic Plan

This is the moment when you put your efforts to the test. From your understanding of the events that transpired in Kent during early May of 1970 and of the issues concerning the Vietnam War, you hopefully created a proposal that will be effective. By placing yourself in the shoes of the involved groups, state what they would feel towards your proposal. After listing what each would like and dislike, give it a score from 0 to 4.

The Rubric:

4 - I am pleased with this proposal. I will do my part to make it work. I believe it will work or at least an 80% chance of working.

3 - I feel OK about the proposal. I am unsure & hesitant to put my effort into it. I say your chances are at about 60%.

2 - I am not too thrilled with this. If you twist my arm, then I will give it a shot. I don't think you understand how I truly feel. Unfortunately, I think you only have a 40% chance of making it work.

1 - Thanks for the effort, but you may be asking for more trouble. I think you neglected my current situation and the proposal does not look to improve upon it. I give it a 20% chance of being effective.

O - No way! No how! This will definitely tick off the people more.


What do they like about the proposal?

What do they not like about the proposal

What score would they give it?

KSU Employees







SDS & SNCC Members





Those that took part in the May 4th tragedy





General Student Population

New students (Freshmen)





ROTC Members

Students that either are veterans or have a family member that is or was fighting in Vietnam

Foreign Students (especially those from Asia)





Parents of current students

Parents of incoming students





Parents that have a child that is or did fight in Vietnam

Parents that have a child that is a protester.





Governor Rhodes

Ohio National Guard

U.S. Armed Forces




Law Enforcement

Kent State University Police

City of Kent Police Department




Total Score: _____________

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