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Rubric for Group Presentation (





Presenters speak in a clear voice and show a flair for communicating with the audience.

Rates of speech are appropriate.

Speakers make eye contact with everyone & have no nervous habits, are appropriately dressed and have excellent posture.

Presentation involves audience, allowing time for audience to think and respond.

Presentation is well organized with a beginning, middle and end. There is a strong organizing theme, with clear main ideas and transitions.

Information is complete and accurate. Clear evidence of research.

Visual aids are well done and are used to make presentation more interesting and meaningful.

Handout(s) attractive, well organized and includes relevant information.

Appropriate length.

The presentation is as good as one receiving a distinguished rating, but there are one or two elements of the presentation, which are less polished.

The presentation is generally similar to one receiving a novice rating, but there are one or two elements, which are relatively well done.

Presenters are difficult to hear. The rates of speaking are too fast or too slow.

The speakers do not show much interest and/or enthusiasm in the topic. May sound like the speakers are reading the presentation.

Eye contact is made with only some of the audience.

The speakers may have nervous habits, which distract form presentation. The speakers are not presentable.

Speakers do not involve audience.

Presentation shows little organization, unclear purpose, unclear relationship and/or transition between presenters, rambles or may seem like a list of facts. Lacks conclusion.

Details and examples are lacking or not well chosen for the topic or audience. Lacks evidence of research.

Very little use and/or poor use of visuals with no handouts.


A checklist can be customized for the written segment at Project Based Learning: 9-12 Writing Checklist (
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