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Collective Behavior Stories

Collective behavior is "the relatively spontaneous social behavior that occurs when people try to develop common solutions to unclear solutions." This phenomena, although short in length, can be very interesting. Your task will be to create a fictitious story of a collective behavior incident utilizing the appropriate sociological terms dealing with the subject.

Step 1 - Explanations & Definitions

Explain or define these important items in each section involving collective behavior:

Sociology: The Study of Human Relationships (pages 406-12)

Preconditions for Collective Behavior

  1. Structural Conduciveness
  2. Structural Strains
  3. Growth & Spread of a Generalized Belief
  4. Precipitating Factors
  5. Mobilization for Action
  6. Social Control

Characteristics of Collectivities

  1. Limited Interaction
  2. Unclear Norms
  3. Limited Unity

Types of Collectivities

  1. Crowd
  2. Mobs
  3. Riots
  4. Panics
  5. Mass Hysteria
  6. Fashions
  7. Fads
  8. Rumors
  9. Urban Legend
  10. Public Opinion
  11. Propaganda

Step 2: Creating the Story

With a partner or by yourself, create a fictitious incident that would qualify as a collective behavior. When the story is presented to the class, you must state how your incident has all the "Preconditions for Collective Behavior" & "Characteristics of Collectivities." There must be a minimum of 6 "Types of Collectivities." With each term being mentioned you should mention example(s) that support this incident being classified as a collective behavior. This story should be interesting & fun to listen to as well. However, do not make it too far fetched. If working with a partner, then both will speak an equal amount of time.

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