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Sustainable Universe Plan

Sociologists not only focus on the trends of yesterday & today, but on the problems of tomorrow. Our universe will be faced with challenges resulting from urbanization, over population, and migration. The strain on less developed nations will be even greater in the future. Your task is to create an effective plan for a sustainable universe. Although the United Nations has made this a primary focus of theirs, they have neglected the thoughts of those that would be impacted most by such a plan, the youth.

Your group will present your plan to the class orally. You will be required to turn in one bibliography with a minimum of 10 sources. The overall speech will last a minimum of 5 minutes with all members of the group speaking on their particular topics. The speech will be supported by visuals.

Topics to be discussed, but you are not limited to just these:

Tackle each topic in these steps:

    1. What is the problem?
    2. What is your solution?
    3. Why will it be effective?

Items in parentheses are part of that topic that should be discussed.

Your speech should finish with this section. You will want to tie the entire speech

together. State why countries & their populations will accept and incorporate

your plans into their lives.


Web Sites that would be helpful in your project:

Revitalize America: Sprawl Hurts Us All

This will get you to an informative Sierra Club article, but do not stop there for

there is plentiful information at this site.


Questioning Immigration Policy: Can we afford to open our arms?


Sustainable Communities Network


United Nations


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